6 February 2017


Lucifer, who can understand your blues?
I can: the Lord invades my piece of sod
to set up a scriptorium, introduce
true indigo, and build a Roman road;
he knots my blue veins till I can’t refuse.


It is Ex ink. Do not
wear bright anything. Keep your Never person
laced in the dark. This is natural.

Doha Melt-Down Elegy

It doesn’t matter how fast you are going,
after a thousand full-length prostrations

you will leave a sweat imprint on the ground.
It must be my embodiment fee.

Babel / Bible

We’re in the beginning, babe. What the sea, an urge dammed,
thy sex drive unbuttoning the vale but not the wall, milkingly hard

up on it as a man versus narrative and its corpse done to, this tower
kicking out the wooden garden lock, nickled with lust.