nothing but beating

the creak of a door, this dark brown rectangle will open me up, my eyes will end in a dreadful hope, gazing longer, the eye moves through various sadness, two leaves are estranged from their green as the monsoons blow me drifting along the street to where darkness rushes down, gazing longer, the darkness utters a paralyzing fear a fresh pain when

blood deserts secluded vessels beneath dry skin, kisses crawl around the roots of tangled hairs catching fire, the radiant silky hairs flare desperately in a cold no one knows, the flames cry out for fuel, cry out for a glorious luminescence, cry out to destroy

your heart, a resplendent blackness, a petition and obligation

why doesn’t the pain let up when the foot is placed here on a section of wet sand, i am sunken, deep, deeper, refreshing and dark black, ignoring the naked wide eyes that watch me pale with cold in a faraway wind

i cried out for this dark brown rectangle opening and closing me, a gentle cracking in the bone, blood of my unborn beings abandoning the vulva in hot salty drops, will someone still be waiting for me there, waiting for a lacking feeling, will someone miss me there, missing a feeling of missing, someone to love me always, someone to tumble around my tongue tasting of hot coffee, i can step out and step back in yes, how many times, or i never stepped out, someone turns the fever’s music up across my skin driving me insane and fragile, even the ashes still are crying to be burned once more, once more, once more

now, the flames have gradually eased their urgent cries for fuel, just swaying in restless flickering
with your heart, a resplendent blackness, nothing but beating, nothing but flickering, nothing but beating, nothing but flickering

my eyes will end in a dreadful hope, will end in a dreadful hope, will end in a dreadful hope