One Side of an Interview with the Ghost Of Marvin Gaye

After Eve L. Ewing

yes. he was a preacher.

A: you let a man see god once and he’ll learn to make a country out of anything.

A: I think what I’m saying is that I prayed to any sound I could tempt out of a body.

A: the bullet is like any other thing born an orphan.

A: I mean it’s just looking for another new place to call home.

A: Hunger is whatever shape the moonlight pulls your shadow into.

A: Yes. I served as many masters as it took.

A: It wasn’t only sex, but people hear what they want when the world is on fire.

A: Smoke said once you make people believe that you got something they need, you can make them believe anything.

A: Yes, I grew tired of waiting on my grave, so I seduced one out of thin air.

A: Commandments? at least 8.

A: The joke was that to be sanctified, you gotta set a distance between yourself and what you love.

A: No. I never got to ask for her forgiveness.

A: No. She never came back.

A: That’s the thing about being empty I guess.

A: Everyone who thinks of death as peaceful place is still alive.