What I like about you 1

after Kenneth Tam’s “Breakfast in Bed”

Bro, you’re lanky and tall. Your eyes really stand out.

Got a lot of hair growing from your chest, spilling.

I’m jealous of your beard, it’s nice and full. Jealous.

You look like you take care of yourself. When we dance

I love the way our bells swing. Got a good physique,

you’re a good-looking guy. We coordinate well.

You’ve got good ideas, like swinging our hips right

and then left. You take leadership, appreciate that.

I chase you with blue paint and you spring away.

I want to make my mark on you, like all the other guys.

Love your skin tone, darker than mine. Let me glue

this cheerio to your chest. I’ll avoid the hair. Though dusky,

your skin’s bright under fluorescents. This blindfold fits

perfectly under your tin foil hat. Find me, bro.

I’m rustling in the far corner. I’m circling, watching and

smiling. I’m teasing your neck. Let’s hold hands and jingle.