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What I like about you 1

You’ve got good ideas, like swinging our hips right

and then left. You take leadership, appreciate that.

I chase you with blue paint and you spring away.


I write, a way of saying: “look what I can do

with language.” I am trying to tell you: “I miss wonder.” I wonder
if nostalgia is what we invented to name ourselves species

and mean: we once stood on the same shore.

A meeting of discontinuous selves

…but there is no taxonomy for the widening sprawl of my life. The roots cannot always be traced. I have become familiar with many languages. And others that once comprised the fabric of my thoughts have grown unfamiliar. Family have become strangers then become family again; and strangers have become family and become strangers again. Cadences and cultures that were once at the center are now othered.


There’s the made-for-TV scene
when the cancer patient shaves her head
instead of waiting for chemotherapy
to suck the fallout in its mouth.

This is not a coming to terms.

The Pantry Moths

because when he left
they were gone
of their leaving
I can only say I miss asking
where they came from
and what kept them coming back
all those wings
those almost dead things


Tonight, my mother holds her bottom lid
like a long note, blinking the medicine in.

And something like scales fall.

One Side of an Interview with the Ghost Of Marvin Gaye

A: you let a man see god once and he’ll learn to make a country out of anything.

A: I think what I’m saying is that I prayed to any sound I could tempt out of a body.

A: the bullet is like any other thing born an orphan.

A: I mean it’s just looking for another new place to call home.